Orla Kiely

Bright, colourful and retro. Don’t you wish you could design a whole room with Orla Kiely stuff? I saw Orla Kiely when I was linen shopping at David Jones. I don’t think I ever like linen design as much as I like Orla Kiely’s.

I googled the brand when I got home, and fascinated when I found out her design was applied to a lot of stuff: fashion, homewares, kitchenwares, stationery and even cars.


Here are some of my favourites.


The Art of Tea

Happy Weekend!

Ever since I lost my camera, I feel like my life is getting dull. Haha, yeah I’m not a heavy camera user, and I’m not a good photographer (I use Auto most of the time and photoshop is my best friend), but still… having to live using my phone camera all the time sucks. What if I find something interesting I wanna take a picture of? What if I want to capture certain moments? So I’m planning to get one of those “semi-SLR” canon camera next month when I’m back in Jakarta.

We went to Gold Creek Village today and found a nice tea store called Adore Tea. They sell tea leaves, tea wares, and every Saturday they have afternoon tea set. But I really love their tea wares.


Red Riding Hood Tea Set for Two, Amazon, $59.95

  • This Red Riding Hood Tea Set for two is going on my wishlist. I looove tea sets. I always imagine having my own tea party, baking my own cupcakes and scones…

Royal Albert Polka Rose 3pc tea set, Peter of Kensington, $64.00

  • Royal Albert celebrated their 100th Anniversary by designing these limited edition tea sets.

Lupicia Tea Collectors’ Tin, Lupicia Tea, price varies

  • Lupicia Tea is the tea shop I used to work when I was in Melbourne. They have 400 different varieties of tea, and some of them comes in Collectors’ Tin like the ones above. They even cater for wedding favors. Try their Maroon Chocolate tea and Matcha Kirara Rice Tea. The Maroon Chocolate Tea makes you feel like you’re drinking hot chocolate without all those calories. Click here to go to their online store.

With all those pretty tea wares and delicious tea, why don’t we invite our friends and create our own afternoon tea party one afternoon?

And if you’re happen to be in Canberra like me, and have no access to an oven or just simply lazy to cook, don’t sweat. Get your cakes from local bakeries like Dobinson’s in the city, The Flute in Fyshwick or Croissant D’or in the city.

Blogging Bloggers

First post is always confusing. I initially wrote my introduction as the first page, however, I’ve decided to put my introduction on the side bar and post about something else instead. And what could be better than blogging about other bloggers that inspires me to blog. Blah…

The Simple Things Blog by Duk Design

keeping it clean and simple with nothing less than attractive posts about designs and anything that inspires Vanessa Hansford, the founder of Duk Design.

Her designs, as well as her blog, has always been an inspiration to me.

duk blog

Oh So Beautiful Paper

Found this blog when I was planning my wedding last year. As a paper-enthusiast, I love looking at nice paper goods. Paper to me (Design-wise) is like ingredients are to chefs. Different paper could give different feelings towards the designs.

I remember the hours I spent looking at many different types of paper at Paperpoint at South Melbourne during my uni days. I wonder if they’re still giving out 10 free paper each day for art students.

They Draw and Cook

They DRAW, and they COOK. How awesome is that! Instead of looking at same old photographic recipes (Although I admit, these days food photography are getting better and better), they illustrate the recipes. They could be as elaborate as they want, or as simple as they can!

What makes this better is that I won’t be disappointed when the stuff that I cook doesn’t come out like the beautiful photograph on a recipe book 😛

Rifle Blog

Can’t really describe anything about this blog by Anna Bond, a very unique stationery designer from Rifle Paper Co. Everything in this blog and her designs are just adorable. The kind of designs you’d want to hang on your wall, or to have on your tea towel, cos they’re so cute!

Check out her wedding invitations design. I say they’re pretty mind blowing.