Union Jack

The Spot Hotel in Bali asked me to do a series of posters for their Union Jack themed room. My initial reaction to that request was… “What the hell is Union Jack?”. Pardon me for being dumb, I don’t have much general knowledge. I blame myself for too much playing and too little studying during my school years.

I’ve always loved projects like this. It was fun playing with colour and textured backgrounds.



I finally created an Identity for myself as a graphic designer / illustrator (yes, it took me THAT long). I’ve decided to use an avatar of myself.

(I do have that exact shirt that my avatar is wearing, actually)

I also created avatars for my best friends.       

Easter Break 2012

My first Easter Break since I moved to the Capital city. I spent the Friday afternoon cooking and we went to a relative’s birthday gathering. Almost everywhere was closed on Good Friday, but we did go and watch Rugby in a local sports bar in the evening. Let me explain: No I don’t watch Rugby, or any other sports, but my husband did. So in the middle of chanting fans I silently ate my steak and read my e-book.

We spent most of Saturday around Parkes area, where the Parliament house is. Had dinner at Francisco’s Mexican Cantina at Manuka where my husband used to work during his uni days, and got a very nice surprise: We ate there for free! It was a wedding treat from the owners.

On Sunday we shared a Seafood Basket at Dobinson’s in the city and I *finally* had my eyebrow waxed at Benefit Brow Bar.

Now, who says living in Canberra is deadly boring?

iPad app: Paper by 53

“Paper” by Fifty Three is an awesome iPad app for illustrators, or for anyone who loves to doodle or sketch on the go.

The apps layout is clean, simple and user friendly. You could add as many sketchbooks as you want, and even edit the cover to put your drawings or logos, then add pages inside each sketchbook. The free app comes with a drawing pen and eraser. You have to purchase other tools for $1.99 each or $7.99 to get the whole thing. I think the most amazing tool is “colour”. The colour comes out like an airbrush, therefore you can be as subtle as u want.

The visual guidebook created by the app developer is awesome, and seems like they create them using the Paper app itself (pictures above)

Here are some of my attempts on Paper using my finger(s). Now I really have to get Stylus for iPad to draw better 😀