Sweet Little Bunnies

I’ve always wanted to make Cake Pops inspired by Bakerella. These past few days the weather has been really really bad in Canberra. It was really cold, windy and raining all the time. So I decided to stay in and make some bunny cake pops.

{Cute, but taste nasty}

{Ingredients and Tools}

{Best part of the bunny is the marshmallow bottom}

I have to say it’s not a very successful first attempt. I think my cake was too soft because I added to much frosting, and I forgot to dip the lolly stick into the melts before pushing them in. However, I still think they’re cute. Although I have to warn you, these cakes are REALLY REALLY sweet. Imagine this: chocolate cake mix + frosting + white chocolate coating + candy decoration = sugar overload. I only ate half of one failed bunny and I couldn’t eat anymore. I might just give them to my sugar-lover niece and nephew.

Will I make this again in the future? Of course :]