Nuffnang Blogopolis 2012 in Sydney

So recently I discovered this “Blog Advertising Community” called Nuffnang. Nuffnang is an Asian Pacific community to support bloggers. Their idea is to give a chance for bloggers to make money from their blogs. I might not be able to professionally explain what it is, but let me give you an explanation of what I THINK Nuffnang does in my own simple words.
Your blog is like a magazine. It provides visual and written (typed) information to your reader. However, A blog is even more awesome, because:
1. You, the blogger, is the editor, the designer, the photographer etc etc of your own magazine.
2. You can blog about WHATEVER you like, whatever you are interested in. You can even blog about yourself, and your pictures. Hey you’ll never know, people might find your life interesting. I, for example, am not confident enough in putting my pictures and my life up in a blog where everybody can read. However, I am very confident about my designs, and design is my ultimate passion ever since…. well, ever. So here I am, blogging 80% about design and 20% about other stuff such as my travelling and my cooking.
3. It’s up to you to make your magazine (or blog) as interesting as you want, or as simple as you want. Out of millions (or billions? I don’t know how many population this world has :P)of people in this world, sure there will be some percentage of them who have similar taste/style/personality as you are, and they could be your readers.
So, just like a real, paper magazine, your blog could have advertisements. The Ads could be those ads you see on the sidebar, or some awesome bloggers who have gain sponsorship/endorsements even get to experience and review the products themselves, and advertise them their own way. Now, this is the part I don’t really know, HOW do we get those companies to advertise in our blogs? How do we make money from blogging? That’s where Nuffnang comes. They act as a medium between us bloggers and advertisers. And, since I know NOTHING about this, that is why I am attending the Nuffnang Blogopolis 2012 in Sydney in the next 2 weeks! I am so very excited, yay!
I’m pretty new in this blogging world, and according to the stats, I don’t even have that many readers yet. There are days when I get almost 20 readers, and I wonder if some of them, if not all, might be robots reading it hehe. But to be honest I quite enjoy it. What’s not to like, I like writing, I love designing, I like taking pictures and editing them. My blog is like my own space where I can say/post anything that I like. Unlike facebook or twitter where your friends/followers sometimes will get upset if you post or write something that are not in their favours. However, even when blogging you still have to mind your netiquettes. It would be better if you don’t offend anyone in purpose. Although I know some bloggers do that, it’s their business, not mine 🙂

So, I’ve booked the conference ticket, and my husband is going to drive to Sydney, and we’re going to be there for two nights! I’m so excited cos we’re going to stay at Circular Quay area. Unlike the other time we were in Sydney when we stayed at Kings Cross area, we had to go back to the hotel at 6pm because my husband was afraid the area get pretty dodgy in the evening ^^. It was not dodgy at all, but yeah, things do happen around Kings Cross. And, nothing beats staying close to the Circular Quay, of course!


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