Alternative Movie Posters

Most people call movie posters like these “minimalist” movie posters, but some of them are not that minimalist, that’s why I have decided to call them alternative movie posters. Basically they’re artists’ or designers’ interpretation or recreation of popular movie (or series or books) posters.

So there are a lot of them going around recently. Some of them are really great. And do you know where I find some of the greatest alternative movie posters at? Etsy. They are affordable, too.

Some designers take one element from the movie that is most essential. For example, a samurai sword for Kill Bill 1, archer and bow for The Hunger Games, colorful balloons for Pixars’ Up, etc. Whichever movie poster they choose to make, they put their individual style to it.

My favorite poster of my favorite animation movie, UP by Marcus from KL, Malaysia. Visit his Etsy store here.

A great concept by Rowan Stocks Moore

My Neighbor Totoro by Olly Moss. I really really wanted this poster for my new home. I don’t know what’s the original RRP price for this as they are already sold out, but a friend of mine sold this particular poster (secondhand) for AUD300 0_0, and I’ve also found Olly Moss’ posters on ebay for that kind of price. Wow.

Jerod Gibson’s alternative movie poster style uses quotes from the movie

Remember how much Juno loves her Tic Tac?

So for this post, I have decided to create my own alternative movie poster.

My approach here is more towards the characters. If you have known my graphic design work, I love creating characters.

I actually created them in less than one hour, so the concept and idea is pretty spontaneous. Don’t expect anything mind-blowing, ok! : P

Our Idiot Brother is one of my favorite comedy movie. I remember laughing a lot when watching this. Paul Rudd is one of my favorite comedy actors. Loved him in Friends, too.

Here’s another version of my Our Idiot Brother poster in portrait, and I included Idiot Brother’s beloved dog in it : )

Which version do you prefer?


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