DIY Moustache props and gift tag

Something cute and simple to surprise your man (or old man) this Father’s Day.

This would be my first printable post. I’d love to do more printable posts in the future. Please give me feedback if anything goes wrong with this post or it’s not downloading, etc.

Have an enjoyable Father’s Day weekend!

click image to download moustache props

click image to download gift tags

NOTES: I printed the samples on a glossy Kodak Premium Photo Paper using Canon Pixma MG6250 printer. Quality might be different when you use different kind of paper/printer.

CONDITIONS OF USE: The images or documents you download in this article (or across my entire blog) are free for personal use only. Please do not use them commercially. If you re-post or re-use them in any way for your site or blog, please credit my blog. If you would like to use the printable for any commercial projects of yours, please ask for my permission first. Thank You!

All images by Wita Puspita



Remember when I got a free camera?

It’s awesome, I still can’t get over how awesome it was hahaha.

It’s an Olympus PEN EP-L1. Not the latest among EP-L range, but I think it’s pretty awesome. here are some sample shots I took during my trip to Melbourne.

self pic *hide face*

So what do you think? Pretty awesome for a non-SLR camera, huh?

Then my dad came to visit us in Canberra and brought his Nikon D60, of course I felt like it kicked my EP-L1 ass and put it to shame. So, of course it’s not SLR quality, but for the pricen size, you can’t complain.

All images by Wita Puspita