Loading Artist’s Behind the Scene

Loading Artist recorded a 10-minutes-ish video on making of Loading Artist’s comic.

The man behind Loading Artist is Gregor Czaykowski. His comics are “loosely based” on his own life. For those who are wondering what kind of program he use in the video, it’s Adobe Photoshop, but he must be drawing on Wacom Tablet or something similar. Isn’t he amazing.

Here’s some of my favourite comics by Loading Artist

Pizza Night

Pizza Night is the first Loading Artist comic I saw on 9gag (yes, 9gagers love Loading Artist). What caught my attention is the expression of the phone caller 6 squares from top, left side. It’s so great I screen capped it and use it as my blackberry messenger profile pic sometimes : P

All comics and video by Loading Artist.


Fideli Sundqvist, the paper crafter

Fideli Sundqvist, a Swedish artist specializing in paper crafts. Aren’t they amazing?

all images taken from Fideli’s webpage.

Fideli’s blog and facebook page.

I love so many Swedish designer/artist I feel like I have to move there already!


On this very cold and rainy day, I’ve decided to clean up my bookmarks. I use two types of bookmarking. One is the bookmark library on Firefox, and the other one is an plug-in called Speed Dial. I don’t use bookmarking sites because I’ve used it once and I didn’t like it. I don’t like the fact that I have to open a website to open websites, you know what I mean?

I use the bookmark library and Speed Dial for different purposes. My bookmark library contains important websites that I need to go to regularly and articles from websites that I want to read or refer to again and again. My speed dial contains blogs and blog-like websites (not a particular article) because speed dial has the ability to refresh on its own (you can set how many times in a day/week you want the page to refresh). Blogs content tend to change very often so having refreshed image of the blog gives me a reminder to check it. However, I also put VERY essential websites such as gmail, facebook, wordpress dashboard on the first page of my speed dial, because that’s the page I see everytime I open my firefox.

So this post is going to be a graphic designer version of fashion bloggers’ “what’s inside your handbag” post. I’m going to share with you what I bookmark, and hopefully you will find something that you would want to bookmark for yourself.

Let’s ignore the Shop, Mozilla Firefox and Food & Recipes folder.

1. WeTransfer

I found this website when I was trying to send 100-something megabyte file to a client in Indonesia. The maximum transfer size for We Transfer is 2 gigabyte, and they’re free! Well, unless you want to have your own channel. What you’ll get for $120/year is your own personalised WeTransfer website (eg. witapuspita.wetransfer.com) and the file will be kept up to 4 weeks. Samsung is one of the many companies who advertise and have their own channel at WeTransfer. The site is simple and so easy to use. You don’t need to sign up, or  pay to receive premium upgrades. You just have to write your email so that the recipient knows that the file is from you. So simple, so easy, zero dodgy-ness.

2. Lost and Taken

Lost and Taken is one of the website that have helped me a lot through out my years designing. Caleb Kimbrough is the man behind the website who creates high-resolution textures for free use. I felt that his website have helped me a lot for so many years that I decided to donate a few dollars to the website hehehe. It’s not big money, but I just want to show my appreciation for the website, and hope he’s still going to run it for a long time. Even if he doesn’t, all the textures he has posted is suffice for a lifetime designing resource.

3. The League of Moveable Type

This is not just another website with downloadable free fonts. Sure, they don’t have as many fonts as 1001 free fonts, not even close. But they have quality fonts. Fonts that you can actually use. In fact, I use Blackout font for this blog header.

4. Design Crowd

I bet a lot of designers have heard about Design Crowd. It’s an online design marketplace. People can post project briefs on the website, and freelance designers like me will try to create the project. If yours is chosen, you’ll get paid. I just recently became a member because of their design your own banner competition. So I haven’t really participate much.

5 & 6. Not design related. Willow park nursery is the place I want to buy hydrangea plants from, and book depository sells cheaper-than-australian-stores books with free shipping worldwide.

7. Home Life

This is not graphic design related either, but I feel like I have to share this awesome website. Ever since I became a home maker, I like browsing for home making blogs and websites. Home Life is based in Australia, so the houses are more similar to mine. Other than looking at their awesome decorated homy homes, they also give tips and DIYs such as “how to fold a fitted sheet” (that is a hard one. I still can’t do it) or “How to prune roses”. Yeah, 3 years ago if i hear about this kind of website I would be thinking “why would I read about all those things??” hahaha. At the moment this website really come in handy for me.

8. an article I found in Miss Design blog showcasing a swedish apartment interior.

9. Ekenstam.se

No, I don’t read or speak swedish. But by browsing this site, I came into conclusion that Ekenstam is a property selling/buying website in Sweden, just like allhomes or domain in Australia. Well, I can’t justify that I’m right. So if there’s any Swedish readers, could you please tell me if I’m right? Hahaha. I bookmarked this website because it’s a very cool website. If I’m right about this website being a property selling/buying site, look at the layout! It’s sooo cool. And the photos make me want to buy all the houses they advertise. Hahaha. Actually I found one house that cost pretty much the same as my home. Should I sell my house and move to Sweden? : P

10. A Tutorial on Spoongraphics blog on how to crate a cute baby monster using Adobe Illustrator. I bookmarked this just in case I want to do a tutorial on my blog in the future, because I think his tutorial was pretty easy to understand. So basically this is my tutorial on how to do a tutorial.

11. A List on Walyou for graphic designers who wants to make more money online. It links them to websites such as Design Crowd.

12. Graphic Designer Blender wrote an article on how to stand out and get noticed as a designer. One of the thing that I would love to do is “send holiday cards” to my clients and previous clients. The cards would be designed by me, of course. I think that would make them happy, and I could promote my recent work at the same time. Graphic Designer Blender has lots of business tips for designers.

13. A website called Hongkiat.com showcased Beautiful & Creative Single-Page Portfolio Websites. I found this a long time ago when I was trying to create my portfolio, and I eventually gave up and did it using facebook instead. Hahaha. Well, I’m not saying I will never try again. Maybe one day. I’d love to create a portfolio iPad app, though.

14. iDiY

A website I used during my wedding planning because they have lots of easy DIY wedding projects. The blog, however, is not updated anymore.

15. A really entertaining and funny story about a graphic designer called David Thorne and his secretary who lost her cat. I laughed like crazy when I read the story, for a few times in a row! Haha, yeah it’s that funny. Well, I don’t know if it’s funny for everybody, but I guess for most designers, who have experienced something similar like what David Thorne has in this story, will laugh. The website also have other stories related to graphic designers and their…. “wonderful” clients. But I have read nothing funnier than the cat story.

That’s all the bookmarks I have in my Bookmark Library. Maybe one day I should share what I bookmark on my speed dials.

Share with me if you have bookmarked something interesting, especially design-related, in the comments below!


Zumbo Land

I am not a food blogger so I’m not going to review the desserts.

I went to Adriano Zumbo‘s dessert train at The Star last Saturday. As you can see from my photo collage, the theme of the establishment is pretty much what I describe as the bubblegum, neon coloured mini version of Willy Wonka’s factory. I think the colour choices are pretty nice. I’m not really into bright neon colours, but I think what the interior did to this place works pretty well. I love the purple boots windmill.

The interior of this place reflects what Zumbo’s desserts are all about. Quirky and sweet.

Love yourself.

Cute print by Lim Heng Swee aka ilovedoodle from Malaysia. See more of his work or buy his prints at his etsy store.

I know it’s easy to say but harder to do, but I’ve gotta love myself more (not in the self centered, narcissistic way obviously). As in, be more grateful about everything that has happened/belong to me. Maybe I have spent my whole life 70% complaining and 30% being thankful? I’ve got to stop looking at others and saying “why can’t I be like that”, but instead look at myself and be grateful of what I have achieved.

My gratitude:

  • I’m thankful for having the opportunity to celebrate my wedding day in Melbourne, instead of in Indonesia because I dislike Indonesian wedding.
  • I’m thankful to finally be able to move back to Australia instead of being stuck in Indonesia for the rest of my life
  • I’m thankful that I ended up with my first love after 6 years of not-so-easy relationship, including 2 years of long distance. And up till now, I’m thankful that he turns out to be a great husband
  • I’m thankful that after I got married, I straight away got a decent home to live in, in a great area close to shops and gyms, and not renting or sharing with other people
  • I’m thankful for my parents who always provide me with the great things in life, and guide me through life. and I’m also thankful that I DON’T have any siblings : D Sorry to be so selfish, but NOT having a sibling is probably the best thing in my life so far. Mwahaha.
  • I’m thankful to have the BEST in laws ever. Most people I know have problems with their in-laws even before they are married, but not me! I have a very caring mum-in-law, a funny father-in-law, a kind sis-in-law and a cool bro-in-law
  • and last but not least, I’m thankful that all my life, everything has been pretty easy. I’ve never feel like I have to try so hard for anything. Even in secondary school, I don’t even know how could I go through 3.5 years without going down to Normal Academic or Normal Technical classes (it’s Singaporean school system. Google it if you don’t get it), despite of my horrible horrible results (I got 7/100 for accounting, I failed ART once, and I’ve ever got a ZERO once for maths. My other subjects’ results are usually just pass or fail). I’ve never broken up with anybody in my life. I’ve never lost a good friend (I have been bestfriends with my best friend for 12 years : ) ). And despite of the way I glide lazily through life, I’ve never been faced with anything bad. So, I should be thankful for that.

Of course I shouldn’t just sit back, relax and live life as it is. I am thankful for all that, but imagine if I put more effort in my life, such as in my work, wouldn’t my life be more fantastic? So that’s what I should do.

I’m going to Sydney tonight to attend Nuffnang Blogopolis 2012 tomorrow! I’ll take pictures and post updates about the event when I’m back. See ya!

Alternative Movie Posters

Most people call movie posters like these “minimalist” movie posters, but some of them are not that minimalist, that’s why I have decided to call them alternative movie posters. Basically they’re artists’ or designers’ interpretation or recreation of popular movie (or series or books) posters.

So there are a lot of them going around recently. Some of them are really great. And do you know where I find some of the greatest alternative movie posters at? Etsy. They are affordable, too.

Some designers take one element from the movie that is most essential. For example, a samurai sword for Kill Bill 1, archer and bow for The Hunger Games, colorful balloons for Pixars’ Up, etc. Whichever movie poster they choose to make, they put their individual style to it.

My favorite poster of my favorite animation movie, UP by Marcus from KL, Malaysia. Visit his Etsy store here.

A great concept by Rowan Stocks Moore

My Neighbor Totoro by Olly Moss. I really really wanted this poster for my new home. I don’t know what’s the original RRP price for this as they are already sold out, but a friend of mine sold this particular poster (secondhand) for AUD300 0_0, and I’ve also found Olly Moss’ posters on ebay for that kind of price. Wow.

Jerod Gibson’s alternative movie poster style uses quotes from the movie

Remember how much Juno loves her Tic Tac?

So for this post, I have decided to create my own alternative movie poster.

My approach here is more towards the characters. If you have known my graphic design work, I love creating characters.

I actually created them in less than one hour, so the concept and idea is pretty spontaneous. Don’t expect anything mind-blowing, ok! : P

Our Idiot Brother is one of my favorite comedy movie. I remember laughing a lot when watching this. Paul Rudd is one of my favorite comedy actors. Loved him in Friends, too.

Here’s another version of my Our Idiot Brother poster in portrait, and I included Idiot Brother’s beloved dog in it : )

Which version do you prefer?

Blogging Bloggers

First post is always confusing. I initially wrote my introduction as the first page, however, I’ve decided to put my introduction on the side bar and post about something else instead. And what could be better than blogging about other bloggers that inspires me to blog. Blah…

The Simple Things Blog by Duk Design

keeping it clean and simple with nothing less than attractive posts about designs and anything that inspires Vanessa Hansford, the founder of Duk Design.

Her designs, as well as her blog, has always been an inspiration to me.

duk blog

Oh So Beautiful Paper

Found this blog when I was planning my wedding last year. As a paper-enthusiast, I love looking at nice paper goods. Paper to me (Design-wise) is like ingredients are to chefs. Different paper could give different feelings towards the designs.

I remember the hours I spent looking at many different types of paper at Paperpoint at South Melbourne during my uni days. I wonder if they’re still giving out 10 free paper each day for art students.

They Draw and Cook

They DRAW, and they COOK. How awesome is that! Instead of looking at same old photographic recipes (Although I admit, these days food photography are getting better and better), they illustrate the recipes. They could be as elaborate as they want, or as simple as they can!

What makes this better is that I won’t be disappointed when the stuff that I cook doesn’t come out like the beautiful photograph on a recipe book 😛

Rifle Blog

Can’t really describe anything about this blog by Anna Bond, a very unique stationery designer from Rifle Paper Co. Everything in this blog and her designs are just adorable. The kind of designs you’d want to hang on your wall, or to have on your tea towel, cos they’re so cute!

Check out her wedding invitations design. I say they’re pretty mind blowing.