Remember when I got a free camera?

It’s awesome, I still can’t get over how awesome it was hahaha.

It’s an Olympus PEN EP-L1. Not the latest among EP-L range, but I think it’s pretty awesome. here are some sample shots I took during my trip to Melbourne.

self pic *hide face*

So what do you think? Pretty awesome for a non-SLR camera, huh?

Then my dad came to visit us in Canberra and brought his Nikon D60, of course I felt like it kicked my EP-L1 ass and put it to shame. So, of course it’s not SLR quality, but for the pricen size, you can’t complain.

All images by Wita Puspita


Olympus PEN Light

Long time no post!
I had to go back to Indonesia for some urgent visa matter, and I’ve been busy since.

I’ve been wanting to buy a new camera for a long time. I want a camera that works better than a basic pocket camera, but smaller and lighter and more simple than a dSLR. I’m sick of carrying my stupid dSLR wherever I go, and I can’t even maximize the use of a dSLR camera, so why bother. Plus, I’m going to New Zealand soon, I really don’t want to bring my dSLR. I’m basically just… not that into photography, but I still want to be able to take nice enough pictures.

So when I went back to Indonesia, I had a camera in mind. I wanted to buy in Indonesia because the price is obviously so much cheaper. I wanted Nikon J1, because I saw a blogger carried it around during the Nuffnang Blogopolis 2012 and I fell in love with the white one. Nikon J1 is so cute and sleek, and takes good quality pictures.

However, long story short…. someone gave me a totally free (as in, I don’t have to take part in some competition or lucky draw, and I don’t have to ask or beg someone to give it to me, and of course I didn’t steal it from anybody!) brand new Olympus PEN E-PL 1 !!! How lucky am I? Well sure, it’s not the latest in the Olympus Pen Light range (the E-PL3 is out already), but it’s free, so that’s so much better than spending money to buy a new one. Plus my photographer friend told me that Olympus PEN is still the leading mirrorless camera brand, and the pictures quality is better than Nikon J1. Well, to be honest I don’t really know if that’s true, but I’ve decided to believe him.

Anyway… it’s free. What more can I ask for. I’ve been so attached to it ever since. I brought it everywhere and take pictures of anything or everything. Although the LCD is so much worse than Nikon, but the result on my computer screen is pretty good. However, I haven’t go out much since I got the camera so I haven’t take anything interesting. I’ll post some test shots by the end of my trip!

Wedding photos and Toycamera Analog

Have you ever wondered why these days almost all wedding photos are so… “retro”? I wonder, and I don’t know why. Well, actually maybe I do. With all the retro and instagram madness, everyone wants to live in their little fantasy retro world. I love retro things, and I love retro photos. My parents are collector of Indonesian and Chinese antiques. Having grown up in a house with antiques here and there, I can’t help but love antiques and retro things.

But retro wedding photos? They’re getting old (puns! : P)

Whenever I see wedding pictures or pre-wedding pictures, especially of Indonesian couples, most of the time I see the same blurry and pale colored pictures. I have to admit some of them do really good jobs, such as David from axioo (in return of really high cost, of course). However, I’m starting to feel that those “retro” photos are no longer the classic wedding pictures you could appreciate till the end of your lives (or the world, whichever comes first hehe). They might be trendy today, but will they still be appreciated when you’re older? Actually, creating those retro photos are not so hard anymore with all the photo editing softwares or apps out there. Instagram is obviously the most popular one, although its purpose is pretty different. I think it’s a little bit like twitter, only rather than words, we snap pictures. Photoshop is the classic and never-ending way to edit your pictures, but of course they require skills. The “express” retro photo editing software that I love is Toy Camera Analogcolor by Pentacom. I downloaded it a while ago when they were still free. They’re still free for trial, but at some point you have to purchase it for 12 USD. Cheap!

Also, this software doesn’t resize your picture. It comes out as it is. They have so many effects, choices of lenses, expired film and frames. You can even adjust the contrast, blur and many more. For those who are lazy to adjust, you can use their pre-made effects.

Let’s have some fun with my wedding photos! : P

Here’s the original version of my favorite wedding photo by pL photography, Melbourne:

Now, I give it Sepia process, with normal lens and no frame, and voila! Who needs axioo if you could make these kind of pictures yourself? Hahahaha… just kidding, don’t murder me axioo fanatics.

Another effected wedding picture of mine:

So there you go, now even amateur photographers could add retroness to their photos. But to be honest, looking at the photos above, I still prefer the original ones. Retro photos tend to make everyone faces look blurry and pale. Sure, it’s a plus for your pimples and imperfections. Also the contrast tend to darken your eyes, which is a good thing most of the time (unless they’re so dark they make you look like Sadako from The Ring). But, well, don’t you want to look like yourself in your wedding pictures? However, I do admit it’s fun to put effects on your daily photos. especially food pictures : )

To end this post, let me share my personal favorite among all my wedding photos (effected using Toycamera Analog). This photo was taken towards the end of the location shoots. I was really really tired and I just wanted to throw my bouquet on someone’s face (my bouquet was freakin HEAVY!) By looking at my eyes area I think my mascara was smudging therefore the dark circles. I just wanted the location shoot to end already, I needed some rest before the reception in the evening. Hence, my face showed how disinterested I was that moment. I looked damn weird hahaha, but I love this picture. It’s not your usual We’re smiling, We’re happy, this is our wedding day, the most romantic day in our life wedding shoot. This picture is US, the imperfect but yet happily married couple. It shows that, even in a wedding, nothing is perfect, and it doesn’t have to be, because you’re human and even on your happiest day you could still feel tired, bored and you sweat, and your mascara smuged. But no matter what, it was still one of the happiest day in your life : )

Taken on Degraves Street, my favourite alley in Melbourne


iPad app: Paper by 53

“Paper” by Fifty Three is an awesome iPad app for illustrators, or for anyone who loves to doodle or sketch on the go.

The apps layout is clean, simple and user friendly. You could add as many sketchbooks as you want, and even edit the cover to put your drawings or logos, then add pages inside each sketchbook. The free app comes with a drawing pen and eraser. You have to purchase other tools for $1.99 each or $7.99 to get the whole thing. I think the most amazing tool is “colour”. The colour comes out like an airbrush, therefore you can be as subtle as u want.

The visual guidebook created by the app developer is awesome, and seems like they create them using the Paper app itself (pictures above)

Here are some of my attempts on Paper using my finger(s). Now I really have to get Stylus for iPad to draw better 😀