Studio Bomba

It’s a design studio and a retail shop that sells what they describe as “Designery Goodness” in Perth. Love that stacked shelves.

I’ve ever been to Perth, when I was…. 6 I guess. So I can’t really remember what Perth is like. But I remember that sandy place with rocks, and I remember that because the sand kept getting into my little eyes. Also I remember eating steak in a rustic style restaurant where they cook right in front of you. And I remember staying at Burswood Hotel with my cousin and my grandma, and my cousin talked me into eating stuff from the minibar. My parents had to pay for it during check out time and I assume it must be really expensive, because they were so mad lol.

I assume Perth must be less boring than Canberra. I’d love to visit Perth one day. In fact I’d love to visit every states in Australia. So far I’ve only been to VIC, WA, QLD, NSW and of course ACT.

All images by Studio Bomba


Zumbo Land

I am not a food blogger so I’m not going to review the desserts.

I went to Adriano Zumbo‘s dessert train at The Star last Saturday. As you can see from my photo collage, the theme of the establishment is pretty much what I describe as the bubblegum, neon coloured mini version of Willy Wonka’s factory. I think the colour choices are pretty nice. I’m not really into bright neon colours, but I think what the interior did to this place works pretty well. I love the purple boots windmill.

The interior of this place reflects what Zumbo’s desserts are all about. Quirky and sweet.

The Spot Legian in Bali

I have blogged before that I was doing some branding design for The Spot hotel in Legian, Bali. I live in Australia, therefore I could not be there during the hotel’s opening. However, I got a chance to visit Bali early this month, so I went to visit the newly built hotel (just opened in April 2012!)

{ Welcome to The Spot }

The kind General Manager, Nathania Regina, gave me a free night stay in the hotel. I got the Monalisa Room, which posters were designed by ME! : )

{ Monalisa Room }

Some of you might be thinking “Monalisa? That doesn’t look like Monalisa at all!” Well, there is a little history about my creation of Monalisa. The owner, whom I have known for quite a long time, before she ventured in hotel business tried her luck in opening a bagel cafe in Jakarta, Indonesia. The bagel cafe was called: “Bagel-Lisa”, and she asked me to design a logo that has cartoonised version of Monalisa. However, turns out that she has a better luck in running hotels than a bagel cafe, so Bagel-Lisa had to cease business and she moved to Bali and has opened two hotels since, and there will be more to come! I am so happy for her.

However, she loves Bagel Lisa character so much (who wouldn’t when it’s so cute) that she wanted to make one of the room in The Spot hotel Monalisa Room, and she asked me to re-design the Bagel Lisa character to make a series of posters. First poster shows Bagel-Lisa (or Monalisa now) drinking coffee at 9 am in the morning; She’s having her spaghetti lunch at noon for second poster; On the third, she’s asleep at 9pm.

The Spot hotel is a funky hotel that shows different themes and color for every rooms. What is interesting is that the themes are often pop-culture themes such as The Simpsons, Friends, Audrey Hepburn and many more. So whatever is your favourite tv show/actress/city, The Spot might have the room for you!

These are two other rooms in The Spot that I got to photograph that day as they were vacant. For your information I also designed the posters for the Union Jack room. Click here for more information : )

When I went into the Union Jack room, the thing that catches my attention the most was the birdcage lamp. How awesome is that! I wanted them for my bedroom, but I didn’t know how to put them up hahaha. Union Jack is my favourite room from all the rooms in The Spot. I’d love to decorate my bedroom in Canberra similar as that room : )

{ The awesome birdcage lamp }

A little bit about The Spot,

The Spot hotel is located at Legian, the heart of Bali’s hottest nightlife. That’s where the clubs and pubs are. So if you’re in Bali for the nightlife, The Spot is where you should stay. The interior is modern, with decent size room and bathroom (don’t expect huge ass room for the price : P), it is in fact bigger than most hotels with that kind of price in this location. The rate at the moment is 70 USD including breakfast at their rooftop bar with rooftop pool, Meet & Greet : ) That rate is for 2 people per room per night, extra bed will be charged extra. For more information, visit their website.

You can also visit their fun blog here!

{ See you at The Spot! }

The Spot Hotel, Legian is at: Jl. Raya Legian, (Ground Zero), Troppozone Lane No. 8, Kuta – Bali – Indonesia 80361

Phone: +62 361 854 8990 or +62 361 751 940

Orla Kiely

Bright, colourful and retro. Don’t you wish you could design a whole room with Orla Kiely stuff? I saw Orla Kiely when I was linen shopping at David Jones. I don’t think I ever like linen design as much as I like Orla Kiely’s.

I googled the brand when I got home, and fascinated when I found out her design was applied to a lot of stuff: fashion, homewares, kitchenwares, stationery and even cars.


Here are some of my favourites.

The Art of Tea

Happy Weekend!

Ever since I lost my camera, I feel like my life is getting dull. Haha, yeah I’m not a heavy camera user, and I’m not a good photographer (I use Auto most of the time and photoshop is my best friend), but still… having to live using my phone camera all the time sucks. What if I find something interesting I wanna take a picture of? What if I want to capture certain moments? So I’m planning to get one of those “semi-SLR” canon camera next month when I’m back in Jakarta.

We went to Gold Creek Village today and found a nice tea store called Adore Tea. They sell tea leaves, tea wares, and every Saturday they have afternoon tea set. But I really love their tea wares.


Red Riding Hood Tea Set for Two, Amazon, $59.95

  • This Red Riding Hood Tea Set for two is going on my wishlist. I looove tea sets. I always imagine having my own tea party, baking my own cupcakes and scones…

Royal Albert Polka Rose 3pc tea set, Peter of Kensington, $64.00

  • Royal Albert celebrated their 100th Anniversary by designing these limited edition tea sets.

Lupicia Tea Collectors’ Tin, Lupicia Tea, price varies

  • Lupicia Tea is the tea shop I used to work when I was in Melbourne. They have 400 different varieties of tea, and some of them comes in Collectors’ Tin like the ones above. They even cater for wedding favors. Try their Maroon Chocolate tea and Matcha Kirara Rice Tea. The Maroon Chocolate Tea makes you feel like you’re drinking hot chocolate without all those calories. Click here to go to their online store.

With all those pretty tea wares and delicious tea, why don’t we invite our friends and create our own afternoon tea party one afternoon?

And if you’re happen to be in Canberra like me, and have no access to an oven or just simply lazy to cook, don’t sweat. Get your cakes from local bakeries like Dobinson’s in the city, The Flute in Fyshwick or Croissant D’or in the city.