Love Birds Theme Wedding Invitation

I created my own Wedding Invitation, and I love it, so I thought I’ll share.

It was printed on 270 gsm Coronado Warm White stock, Double Sided because of the de-bossing (the opposite of embossing).

For the envelope it was printed on textured local (Indonesian) paper. I forgot the name but you can see the texture on the first picture. Most Indonesian local paper are not very nice, but I think this particular paper works well for envelopes because it is not too thin, and not too thick either. Also the texture gives the envelope nice look.


Nuffnang Blogopolis Sydney 2012 (Photos)

When I went in to the Nuffnang Blogopolis conference room in Sofitel Wentworth, I found china tea cups like this on every table. I was like… : “is that our conference favor???” Hahaha, unfortunately not. Instead we got a huge (seriously, HUGE) goodie bag full of freebies. I have received lots of goodie bags in my life, but nothing can compare to this one. It contains almost anything I could need/think of. For example, I have trouble sleeping, and I found Nature’s Own Advance sleep vitamins. My husband had a sore throat, I found in there Betadine throat gargle. They even gave us mini sized hint mints. So those are only 3 out of…. so many goodies that we got. Half of them are for kids though, so I gave them to our niece & nephew.  Seriously, this goodie bag could be the next best thing to Doraemon’s magic pouch!

But yeah, I kind of wish that china teacup was the freebie ahaha.

Twinnings Tea was one of the main sponsors for the conference. I have to say they did a great job. It was more than anyone could expect. At 10am they served us our morning tea.

Wasn’t that the best conference ever or what?

I know I promised I will post pictures from the conference, but other than those morning tea pictures, I didn’t actually get to take any other pictures because I was too busy listening and taking notes 🙂

Okay, maybe just this one from the opening speech by David from Nuffnang Australia

After the morning tea, we were broken up into two classes. The classes that I chose was Blog Design 101, The Ins and Outs of a Media Kit and Opportunities Gained Through Blogging. I really liked the first two classes. Katrina Chambers from The Media Maid talked us through about how to design an effective blog. There are a few things I learn from her that I have to apply to this blog. The header of a blog is the most important thing, because it is the first thing people will see and have an impression about what your blog is all about. My header is so small and squished up there, I won’t even considere it a header hahaha. So that’s the first thing that I’m going to do. Actually the first thing would be… tweak my whole blog design completely. I’m using a theme that doesn’t really give me the flexibility to change the header size. One more thing that she advised us to do was to create a vision board of what we want our blogs to look like. Take screenshots of other blogs that you like, pinterest them. She also said that having music in your blog is a big NO. I agree with that totally. In fact, I hate most websites with music. Or maybe they should give us a reminder before playing the music, like a pop up that says “would you like to play the music in this website?” and we can press yes or no.

The second breakout class was The Ins and Outs of a Media Kit by Lady Melbourne . Every since she stepped onto the stage, I was a fan already. She’s so pretty and elegant. I really liked what she was wearing that day. It was a white long sleeved shirt and nude coloured bell/flowy/chiffon skirt (sorry, don’t ask me about fashion terms, I suck at fashion). Semi-formal, yet fashionable. So no wonder she’s one of the most famous fashion blogger in Australia. Even her voice was so elegant hahaha. Omg I think I might be starstrucked >.<

Another class that I really liked was the first one before breakout classes: Idea Sourcing & Content Creation by Imogen Lamport whose blog is Inside Out Style. Bloggers could find topics to write about from almost every corner in the world. Actually, I have done this type of practice before in my brainstorming classes during my first year in uni. We find ideas, not let ideas find us, because let’s face it, it takes luck to be found by ideas.

I would love to attend other Nuffnang events, and even next year’s blogopolis. But I really hope I could go to the one in Asia, though. Nothing wrong with Australian bloggers, it’s just that most of the blogs that I read are asian bloggers, especially those from Singapore. I’m not being racist, haha really, it’s just that I grew up in Asia, and spent my teenage years in Singapore, so I guess I could relate more to Asian bloggers.

So, thanks Nuffnang, the speakers and the sponsors, especially Twinnings for the great experience. I really hope I could bring home one of your wonderful china tea cups next time : P




A Circus-Themed Birthday

I recently created this circus-themed birthday invitation for one-year-old Peyton from Jakarta.

How I envy her, when I grew up having my birthday party at McDonald’s or KFC with the chicken mascot dancing was good enough, and even that was when I was….. old enough to be able to spell McDonald’s?

Hope Peyton’s gonna have a blast on her birthday!