The Avatar Kitchen

Introducing my new hobby that turns into a business: The Avatar Kitchen!

I have created a web page (created using wordpress blog because I have no idea how to make a website) for it. Visit please : )

So, what is The Avatar Kitchen, and how did I start doing it?

Well, it started off when I was creating a logo for myself, Wita Puspita Design. After trying to design logos that doesn’t really reflect what kind of designs I do, I finally decided to create my own personal avatar. I’m an illustrator, and I love creating characters. So why not create the character version of myself. So as you can see, on the right side of this blog, I created my personal avatar, complete with my red-dyed hair and my favorite shirt! yes, I do have a shirt like that from Dorothy Perkins.

So, I put it up as my blackberry messenger avatar picture. Two of my best friends bbm me and asked me to create avatar of them. So I did. Seems like many people love my avatar and asked me if I could create avatar of them, so I thought why not make it a business (yes, in the end it’s all about money. You know why? Because we need money to live)

So please visit my new blog to read more about it, or visit my Facebook page.

Here are some samples of avatars that I have done!