Studio Bomba

It’s a design studio and a retail shop that sells what they describe as “Designery Goodness” in Perth. Love that stacked shelves.

I’ve ever been to Perth, when I was…. 6 I guess. So I can’t really remember what Perth is like. But I remember that sandy place with rocks, and I remember that because the sand kept getting into my little eyes. Also I remember eating steak in a rustic style restaurant where they cook right in front of you. And I remember staying at Burswood Hotel with my cousin and my grandma, and my cousin talked me into eating stuff from the minibar. My parents had to pay for it during check out time and I assume it must be really expensive, because they were so mad lol.

I assume Perth must be less boring than Canberra. I’d love to visit Perth one day. In fact I’d love to visit every states in Australia. So far I’ve only been to VIC, WA, QLD, NSW and of course ACT.

All images by Studio Bomba