Cat Gone Mad

I have purchased a domain name for my blog! Yay!

So instead of, which I don’t like because my name is hard to remember to most people in this world (wish my name is Mary Jane or something cool), so I’ve decided to name it, as you can see from the banner I’ve designed above : D

Do you like the blog’s new name? You don’t? Oh, too bad for you LOL.

So if you realise, the blog you’re reading is no longer, but Although you can still type the former address and you will be redirected to the new one. Setting all of these up on WordPress is so easy. Now I just have to re-design my blog. So pardon me if I won’t be posting for a while, this blog will be under renovation!



Loading Artist’s Behind the Scene

Loading Artist recorded a 10-minutes-ish video on making of Loading Artist’s comic.

The man behind Loading Artist is Gregor Czaykowski. His comics are “loosely based” on his own life. For those who are wondering what kind of program he use in the video, it’s Adobe Photoshop, but he must be drawing on Wacom Tablet or something similar. Isn’t he amazing.

Here’s some of my favourite comics by Loading Artist

Pizza Night

Pizza Night is the first Loading Artist comic I saw on 9gag (yes, 9gagers love Loading Artist). What caught my attention is the expression of the phone caller 6 squares from top, left side. It’s so great I screen capped it and use it as my blackberry messenger profile pic sometimes : P

All comics and video by Loading Artist.

Studio Bomba

It’s a design studio and a retail shop that sells what they describe as “Designery Goodness” in Perth. Love that stacked shelves.

I’ve ever been to Perth, when I was…. 6 I guess. So I can’t really remember what Perth is like. But I remember that sandy place with rocks, and I remember that because the sand kept getting into my little eyes. Also I remember eating steak in a rustic style restaurant where they cook right in front of you. And I remember staying at Burswood Hotel with my cousin and my grandma, and my cousin talked me into eating stuff from the minibar. My parents had to pay for it during check out time and I assume it must be really expensive, because they were so mad lol.

I assume Perth must be less boring than Canberra. I’d love to visit Perth one day. In fact I’d love to visit every states in Australia. So far I’ve only been to VIC, WA, QLD, NSW and of course ACT.

All images by Studio Bomba

Printable “Spring Blooms” Bookmark

These couple of days have been warm and sunny in Canberra. I’m glad that Spring is finally here. I just hope it will stay this way, and not go back to the depressing painful cold weather it was.

I’ve been reading 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami. Murakami is probably the only writer whose book I could read and appreciate. I’m not a reader. My mind drifts a lot when I read. I have no patience and tend to skip to the last part to see what happen. Murakami’s books, however, keep me interested. I love how he always begins with really ordinary characters with ordinary situations, and slowly stir up some extraordinary events in their lives. The way he describes the situations, and everything and anything around the characters makes me feel like I’m there experiencing everything.

So I created this Spring Blooms bookmark that would brighten up any book you’ll read this season, and they’re free to download and print for your personal use.

Click on this image to download

Click the image above to download the file. It’s in PDF file which you should open using Adobe Acrobat Reader which you can download for free from here. Colour might vary on the screen. And I printed mine using Canon PIXMA MG6250 using glossy photo paper. So if you print using different printer and paper the quality might be different too.

CONDITIONS OF USE: The images or files you download in this article (or across my entire blog) are free for personal use only. Please do not use them commercially. If you share them in you site, blog, facebook, pinterest or other social medias, please link back to this post or my blog address. If you would like to use the printable for any commercial projects of yours, please ask for my permission first. Thank You!

All images by Wita Puspita

Have a Happy Spring!

DIY Moustache props and gift tag

Something cute and simple to surprise your man (or old man) this Father’s Day.

This would be my first printable post. I’d love to do more printable posts in the future. Please give me feedback if anything goes wrong with this post or it’s not downloading, etc.

Have an enjoyable Father’s Day weekend!

click image to download moustache props

click image to download gift tags

NOTES: I printed the samples on a glossy Kodak Premium Photo Paper using Canon Pixma MG6250 printer. Quality might be different when you use different kind of paper/printer.

CONDITIONS OF USE: The images or documents you download in this article (or across my entire blog) are free for personal use only. Please do not use them commercially. If you re-post or re-use them in any way for your site or blog, please credit my blog. If you would like to use the printable for any commercial projects of yours, please ask for my permission first. Thank You!

All images by Wita Puspita


Remember when I got a free camera?

It’s awesome, I still can’t get over how awesome it was hahaha.

It’s an Olympus PEN EP-L1. Not the latest among EP-L range, but I think it’s pretty awesome. here are some sample shots I took during my trip to Melbourne.

self pic *hide face*

So what do you think? Pretty awesome for a non-SLR camera, huh?

Then my dad came to visit us in Canberra and brought his Nikon D60, of course I felt like it kicked my EP-L1 ass and put it to shame. So, of course it’s not SLR quality, but for the pricen size, you can’t complain.

All images by Wita Puspita